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repairing tools
     We offer several handy repairing tools: a lens repair tool kit that includes a hand rill, drilling and milling bits and other accessories, a screw extrator kit which can be used with screws broken either at the head or the thread, a spring hinge assembly kit and a file set.

R01 R02
Lens Repair Tool Kit
Screw Extractor Kit
Spring Hinge Assembly Tool Kit
File Set-Standard
GPR01 Parallelism Mesurement
screw extractor kit
spring hinge assembly tool kit file set
LTS01 hand drill
screw extractorspring hinge assembly

Step 1: Draw the positions to be drilled.
LTS01, step 1
screw extractor parts
spring hinge assebly tool kit parts
Step 2: Pretect the lenses
LTS01 step 2
Step 3: Use proper clamps
LTS01, step 3
screw extractor applicationsspring hinge assembly tool
Step 4: Use proper drilling or milling bits
LTS01, step 4